5 Must Have Pregnancy Apps

So you just found out you’re preggo? Congratulations! We asked a healthy mix of first-time and veteran moms (mostly our mom-friends) and asked them which pregnancy apps they cannot live without. Nowadays, no one leaves their home without their phones so these apps will be with you all day, everyday, throughout your pregnancy. 

Here are our five favorite pregnancy apps:

1. What to Expect (FREE on Android on IOS)

From the bestselling book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” comes the app version that can help you track your pregnancy by the day. With this app, you can monitor how big your baby is plus a countdown to your due date. One of its features that we love is the community groups for parents who are due in your baby’s birth month and who are experiencing the same things as you. It’s like being and speaking with moms-to-be who are both clueless and experienced. There are also videos explaining how little or big your baby already is, which organ/s will develop in the coming week, etc. The app also reminds you which tests and screenings you need at every trimester. Personally, this app was most intersting as it gives you a week by week blow of how big your baby is plus symptoms you might be feeling.

What to Expect App

2. My Baby’s Beat ($1.99 on Android and $4.99 on iOS)

The first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat is a moment you will never forget. And you only get to hear it when you see your doctor.  If your baby’s already kicking, you only feel them sporadically. If you can’t wait for your next doctor’s appointment and all you need is a quick “Hi!” from your little one, this app will help you feel secure. Instead of buying a fetal stethoscope, which is complicated to use, you can just use your smartphone to scan and the app to record the heartbeat.

Before downloading, please be informed that this is best used for pregnant moms at their 30th to 40th week. Though some moms-to-be pick up a heartbeat earlier, it’s best at the latter part of being preggo.

My Baby Beat App

3. The Bump (FREE on Android and iOS)

From the people behind the website thebump.com, the app version is a treasure trove of articles on everything you can think of (and haven’t thought of) about pregnancy. Find the usual relevant articles by trimester then you can delve more into the more interesting ones. There are curious articles like creative ideas on how to announce your pregnancy to strange preggo dreams and other stuff you didn’t know a pregnant lady like you should know. Sure, you may download it because you’re pregnant, but this will also be useful until your little one’s toddler years. The downside of the app is the many cute baby stuff you cannot purchase locally because the retailers are from the USA such as Babies “R” Us, Amazon, and Target. On the other hand, you can make pabili or have them shipped via courier. Time to email your Tita coming home for the holidays! Hmmm, tempting, isn’t it?

The Bump App

4. Baby Names (FREE on Android and iOS)

As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog entry Top Baby Names, thinking of a name for your baby can be one of the most exciting things about being pregnant. The reason is because the possibilities are endless! And since your baby is still inside you, you can browse through a bunch of names through this app. One day you may love this certain name and you may hate it the next day (Don’t worry, Moms, this happens to all of us!). In this app, you can search upon thousands of names and they’re luckily arranged by initial, popularity, gender (even gender-neutral ones, too). You can also learn about what’s in a name, its origin, and proper pronunciations.

Baby Names App

5. Full Term (FREE on Android and iOS)

Nearing your due date and anxious as hell? Then this app is just for you! With it, you can record the intensity and length of your contractions. This can be extra useful for first-time moms who are not sure when to call their doctors or run to the hospital. It also does the same for your baby kicks. There is also a feature in this app wherein you can list down what you need for your, Daddy’s and baby’s hospital bags.

Full Term App

You can choose to download one or all of the apps we just mentioned, or even none at all. At the end of the day, nothing can substitute consulting your doctor, mom, and mommy friends should you need sound advice.

For the moms-to-be who are always anxious, don’t worry, we women are stronger than we think. Just think, if every other woman on the street can give birth and care for their kids, you can, too! Good luck!

Got an app you absolutely swear by? Share them with us in the comments section below! - Aimee Morales Chan

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