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Maternity Shoot - Rima

Maternity Shoot - Rima Rima Ostwani Najjar is mom to 1-year-old Adriana, currently expecting her baby boy any day now, and also a luxury retail specialist. She spent a lovely summer afternoon with us, talking about getting ready for her son, and about working until right before giving birth. See inside for all the lovely photos.

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Photo Shoot - Martina

Photo Shoot - Martina Martina Pangilinan, mom of two young children and a partner at Elin, shares her experiences traveling with her kids. She tells us about her travel must haves and more. This shoot was done in partnership with Makati Diamond Residences, perfect for a mini vacation in the city. See more inside about this travel-themed shoot.

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Photo Shoot - Lala

Photo Shoot - Lala First-time mom and fitness enthusiast Lala Dy Buncio successfully balances an active lifestyle with motherhood. We spent a sunny afternoon with her and her adorable 2 year-old son Evan to take these photos and get to know them a little better. Click inside for more.

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