Choosing a Newborn Photographer

Just gave birth? Congratulations! Welcoming the newest tiny member of the family brings so much emotions. And with everyone else saying that time flies when you have a newborn, the one thing you want to do is freeze the moment by having a newborn photo shoot. Capturing the moment your angelic newborn will be worth it in the end and the pictures will make you go “aww” when you see them on your wall years, even decades, from now. But where do you start?  We have five considerations to help you choose the right newborn photographer. 


    With most businesses marketing themselves online, reputable photographers do, too. Take some time to browse through their website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Photographers have their own unique styles and visions – see which one suits your taste. Choose a photographer whose photos you cannot forget or keep coming back to. This means their work has made a mark on you and has pulled your heartstrings. The photographer’s portfolio should draw emotions from you because a photo shoot featuring your bundle of joy is a very personal and emotional experience for you. Also, ask your photographer if props and styling are included in the shoot or if you have to arrange to bring your own.


      How experienced is the photographer? Does he or she specialize in shooting newborns? The last thing you need is to worry about your precious little one’s safety. Keep in mind that newborn photography is absolutely different from other kinds of photography. It is not like dealing with a subject that can be reasoned with because we’re talking about a newborn baby – and we all know that baby is the boss! The photographer you should consider is one that has experience and training on how to handle a newborn safely and properly. It is a big plus if your photographer has children of his or her own. We’re talking about someone else, who’s not family or a friend, who will touch and handle your baby with their hands. That photographer should know how to handle a fragile baby and how to change poses properly.


        Where do you plan to shoot? Do you mind having the photographer over at your home or would you rather go to their studio? A session at your home means you will be comfortable because we all know a newborn can be unpredictable with the crying, feeding, settling, etc. If it will be at a studio, your photographer will have the control with the lighting, props, space, etc. Think about where you will be most comfortable since you are the client after all.

        How long does a photo shoot take? The average newborn photography session lasts about 2-3 hours unlike the usual 1 hour for photo shoots involving adults.  Can that long a session work for you and your baby?


          Are the babies on the photographer’s portfolio in comfortable positions? Do the poses look natural and not too “posed?” Does the baby look unnatural? You wouldn’t want your baby to be in uncomfortable or, worse, uncompromising positions. Your top priorities are your baby’s comfort and safety. No questions asked.

          5. STYLE

            Do you have a theme in mind? Does it match with your photographer’s? If you have a mood board, pegs, motifs in mind, bring this up with the photographer. If you see similar styles on the portfolio with your vision then shortlist the photographer.

            At the end of the day, you will know in your heart if you have found the right photographer for your newborn. You’ll just know. You will feel it. Never underestimate the power of a mother’s intuition. Choose a newborn photographer that checks all your boxes and one that’s passionate about newborns and photography and expect to have photos of your baby that you'll cherish and enjoy forever. - Aimee Morales Chan

            One more tip: You may want to schedule your shoot even before your baby is born because the ideal time frame for a newborn shoot is birth until 12 days old. 

            Here are a few of our favorite Manila-based newborn photographers. These photographers have been professionally trained in newborn photography, have great track records, and of course, produce beautiful photos!

            1. Jo Lim Photography

            Jo Lim newborn photography

            Jo Lim newborn photography

            Jo Lim newborn photography

            2. Stanley Ong

            3. Luxe Photography

            Luxe Photo newborn photography

            Luxe Photo newborn photography

            Luxe Photo newborn photography

            4. Cocoon Studio

             Cocoon Studio Photo

            Cocoon Studio Newborn Photo

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