Maternity Shoot - Gin

When you see her, it's hard to believe that Gin Panlilio Samson is pregnant with her fourth child. Her youthful looks and relaxed manner make you think that she's about to become a new mom. Not to mention her slim physique and barely-there bump! We actually had to exert extra effort during the shoot to find angles that showed off her belly. Aside from being wife to Von and mom to 12-year-old Vito, 9-year-old Milo, and 3-year-old Zoya, this multi-talented woman is also the founder of BabySteps, a line of locally-produced kids shoes, and an interior designer as well.  She welcomed us to her well-appointed home for a fun and easy shoot with her adorable daughter Zoya.

How has this pregnancy been so far? Is it the same or different from your other pregnancies? 

"This pregnancy started off difficult, with really bad morning sickness that felt like it wasn't going to end.  Thankfully it subsided by the 5th month and things normalized again, enough for me to become functional and productive.  This is my 4th pregnancy and I have to say that every pregnancy is different.  You could feel great and energized with one pregnancy then be sick and vomiting with the next. All 4 were different, however the first 2 (with the boys) were the easiest for me. "

How are you preparing your children for a new sibling? 

"The boys are old enough to understand that a new baby will be in the house and that they'll have step-up on the kuya duties. They're both great with kids and helpful when it comes to taking care of the younger ones (they also have lots of younger cousins). As for Zoya, she's excited but we've also been explaining to her that she'll have to share her things with the baby soon. Sharing has become one of her hardest acts to overcome so hopefully by our constant reminders, she'll be a bit better about it when the baby comes along."

How do you balance your time among your 3 children?

"Balancing is a challenge!  Although I would re-name it to balancing personalities and emotions (more than time). Being an entrepreneur with flexible time and who can work from anywhere, it has allowed me to be there for the kids in the different ways they need me physically as a mom, whether it's attending activities, studying, making pasyal etc. However, what I learned is that one may need more time while the other not so, therefore I feel it's more important to be aware of their feelings, personalities and the ways in which each child reacts to their environment because this is the key to making them feel that they are heard and understood and that makes all the difference in balancing life at home." 

What are your newborn must-haves?

"I'm an easy mom so my must haves would be the basics --new born clothing, diapers, lampins, a carrier, crib/pack'n play, stroller, blankets and socks, bath tub and a good set of hooded towels.  I also like to have the pad that we place under the baby for when accidents happen (so we wouldn't have to change all the beddings).  We usually have cotton balls and water to clean up poop a pee and wipes for when we go out.  I also have a set 4oz bottles for just in case.  Newborns don't need much except to feel warm and snug and they grow out of things so fast."


 Any advice you can share with moms who are pregnant for the first time?

"Take things one day at at time because each day is different.  One day you'll feel great and lovely, next you could feel exhausted or gross and ugly.  Enjoy the kicks and flutters of the latter part of pregnancy.  Enjoy wearing the clothes you could only wear while pregnant and buy only as needed. Try to stick to healthy food (with cheats every so often to satisfy those taste buds). I don't particularly love being pregnant, but I embrace the experience because it is surely one of a kind."


What's the best thing about being a mom?

"There are so many things to love about being a mom..  The unlimited hugs and kisses you could give or receive, the priceless way the child looks up to you like you could do no wrong, their company..  It's a challenging journey, never easy at any stage, but at night when they're all tucked in and quiet, there's a fulfilling feeling and a kind of love you feel that knows no bounds, it's giving unconditionally, knowing you're doing something right, and I think that's what motherhood / parenthood is all about."

Gin is wearing from top to bottom: Adora dress in green, Alba dress in blush, Amelia top in seafoam, Ariana dress in heather red, Nola dress in midnight, Jackson dress in navy, Sorel top in pink, Rachel top in navy chambrayPhotography by Happy Folks Studio. Hair and make up by Wheng Legaspi. To buy infant and toddler shoes, visit Baby Steps


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