5 Ways to Dress Your Baby Bump
Congratulations on your pregnancy! This happy milestone can be plagued with a minor, yet still bothersome, question: What do I wear? It can be challenging to dress up your steadily changing body as you go through pregnancy. One day your favorite dress still fits, in a few days, it doesn’t. Here are a few tips to help you get through those nine months looking and feeling good:
  1. Stick to your individual style - Just because you’re pregnant, this doesn’t mean you have to change the way you usually dress. Women look best when they’re comfortable, so forget how you think you should dress as a pregnant woman, and wear what works for you. If you like the way you look in shorts or short skirts, stick to that. If you’re always in jeans, buy a pair of maternity jeans that can grow with you and your belly. If you love wearing dresses with heels, go and continue to wear them confidently (as long as your doctor approves!).
  2. Stay comfortable - Our weather can be extra hot for someone expecting, so go for breathable and airy fabrics. Cotton, rayon mixes, and cotton mixes are ideal because they allow air to pass through and help keep you cool. Stay away from thick and rough fabrics that can irritate your skin and overheat your body. Maternity leggings are a must-have for most pregnant moms as they help support the belly while allowing you to move without restrictions.
  3. Don’t be afraid to show off that bump (and some skin) - Now is the only time you’ll want to show off a big belly, take advantage of it! Stretchy fabrics hug and flatter your baby bump and make you look pregnant and not just “busog”. Just be aware that some people can’t help themselves when they see a pregnant belly and your cute bump may attract unwanted belly touching. Also, show a little skin, and look a little slimmer, by bearing your arms, neck, and collarbone.
  4. Keep it simple - On the other hand, now is not the time to over-accessorize or go for loud and colorful prints. These types of prints make you look bigger, so this is a no-no when pregnant. If you like print, choose smaller prints in regular patterns or stripes in neutral or light colors. Also avoid overly shiny materials like satin, as this can add a few more unnecessary pounds to your look.
  5. Buy clothes you can wear even after giving birth - Most moms would rather spend on their babies than on themselves but at a certain point in your pregnancy, you will really have to buy a few new items (your biggest, oversized dress and even your husband’s shirts may not fit anymore). We recommend that you buy styles that you can also wear after giving birth. Even better, try to buy a few styles with nursing access so they remain functional in the weeks/months/years after giving birth while you’re breastfeeding your baby.
We hope these tips help! Let us know in the comments if you have any other advice for moms.

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