Maternity Shoot - Jennifer

This shoot was extra special to us because the blooming mom-to-be featured is our very own Jennifer Bonaobra. She is our hard-working HR Specialist who's been with us for the past few years and she was the first employee we officially hired. As she embarks on this new chapter of her life as a new wife and first time mom, we're excited for what the future holds for her and we wish her all the best!

How has your pregnancy been so far? Did you have any specific cravings or symptoms?

"I don't have any specific cravings, it's just that I like to eat most of the time and mostly are sweets. Before, I thought when you are pregnant you crave for sour foods, but in my experience it's more of sweet foods - like chocolates, ice cream, and cheesy foods. I could say that pregnancy is one of the best feelings I've ever felt, especially when I first saw him in the ultrasound, I first heard the heartbeat, and the first time I felt his movement. It was really amazing. But not everything about it feels good, I also experienced a lot of irritating symptoms like nausea, dizziness, itchy skin (even until now), pains especially in my thigh and legs and even my sense of smell is so sensitive especially during my first trimester."
What do you think is the hardest or most challenging part of being pregnant, in your own experience?
"The pressure of having a safe pregnancy. Sometimes, I felt pressured on how to be more careful of my movements, of all the things I used (soap, lotion, creams) every food I eat because I wanted of course my baby to be healthy so I need to eat healthy foods, I need to change my lifestyle for the meantime. I research and research almost everyday specially during my first months of pregnancy to ensure that I eat everything that is good for my baby. To ensure that everything I use wont affect my little one. When I felt something different, I ask my friends if that is normal, I do research, ask my doctor. I really need to be careful of everything about me. Even the clothes that I am wearing should be comfortable for me and for my tummy. "
What do you like to wear now that you're pregnant? Has your style changed from before you were pregnant?
"Yes, it changed. When I was single, I really preferred clothes that fit close to my body. I felt comfortable with that since I am slim. But now that I am pregnant, I prefer bigger/loose size of clothes not just because my tummy is getting bigger, but because it really relieves some of my pregnancy symptoms especially the itchiness of my skin. Actually, during my first months working with Elin, I was really wondering why their sizes are too big (Is that the normal/usual size or am I really thin that's why it doesn't fit my body?) but now that I experience it myself, I understand why it is made the way it is. Elin really aims to provide their customers the most comfortable clothes they can wear during their pregnancy and what I like most about our clothes is that it can still be worn even you are not pregnant (maybe that is why I was able to bought a lot of clothes from Elin even when I was still single). Even the type of fabric, before I am not very particular with the type of fabric I am wearing but now, I chose fabric that wont irritate my skin, smooth ones that will make me feel comfortable throughout the day. Glad that most of the fabric that Elin chooses for their clothes are really good and comfortable for the skin. :)"
What part of being a mom are you most excited about?
"The feeling of being a mom :) I have a lot of nephews and nieces, and when I look at them I always tell myself, "I want to have my own". When I see my siblings take care of my pamangkins, I wonder how does it feel being a mom. Well, most of my pamangkins are really close to me. Every time I visit them, I feel happy when they welcome me, when they hug and kiss me. Even when I am tired and sad. Parang all of my sadness and pain goes away when I receive a hug from them and it really makes me wonder, 'What more if this kid is my own?'. I heard from my friends and even from my siblings, it is not easy to be a mom. I observe them, how they raise their kids, and I'm hoping that I will be able to raise my future kids as best as I can. And that is what I am really excited about. "
What is best advice you have received from other moms?
"Dont let the baby get too big inside your tummy" :) most of them told me, "mahihirapan ka manganak or worse cesarean ka", well even I don't want to give birth through cesarean section because I heard that the healing of scar takes very long and aside from that its expensive compared to normal delivery. But whatever it is, all I'm praying now is for my baby to come out safe and healthy."

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