Photo Shoot - Christina

Our latest photo shoot features Christina Young - Licaros who is the epitome of a modern, working mom. She's a wife, mom to 2 kids (Matteo, 4 years old and Eliana, 11 weeks old who she currently breastfeeds), Grade 4 teacher, Barre3 instructor, and founder of @parentingtribe - an online community that shares resources for parents. This is how Christina describes it, "As a mom, I found myself searching online for activities, healthy recipes, and parenting hacks. Through @parentingtribe, we bring it all together, as another tool to support parents on this journey. " Here are the beautiful photos of Christina and her kids, taken by Happy Folks Photography. Enjoy!

What was your go-to pregnancy style? "With my 2nd pregnancy, I looked for support for my growing belly. I lived in yoga pants and maternity leggings paired with loose tops. The only time I would “dress up” was when I would wear Elin dresses."

How can moms can stay fit and active during the pregnancy and newborn stage? "I love Barre3, it kept me fit and helped me stay active in all stages. It’s important to listen to your body, modify to what feels right as you move. I also did pre-natal and post-natal yoga, which helped me prepare physically and mentally. After giving birth, allow your body to heal. Nowadays, I don’t get to work out as much as I want but we go to the park, we play, we move together. "

How did you prepare your son for a new sister? "Books were our best resource, there are a lot of stories that help prepare siblings for the new addition. We gave her a nickname, which was peanut and Matteo would check in and sing to her to get her kicking. Closer to the day, we prepared a gift from peanut to her manong that he got to open in the hospital. We also placed a family photo in her bassinet when she was born to show Matteo how excited peanut was to meet him. "

How do you balance your time between work and family? "I recently started work and honestly it’s still something I am figuring out. I leave before Matteo wakes up so I have some solo time nursing Eliana before leaving. After work, its all about the kids for me, whether it’s going to the park or playing at home. I find ways to keep us active before we settle down for dinner and the night. I think it’s important to carve one on one time and even time for yourself into your schedules… at least that’s my goal for 2019. "

What are your newborn must-haves? "As a 2nd time mom, baby wearing is key. A carrier and a wrap gives you the freedom to move, to do things while keeping your baby close to you. Sleep is essential, we love our Love to Dream swaddle - I swear, Eliana sleeps longer every time she uses it. I am a breastfeeding mama, so I need all the gear and easy access outfits, which means I’m in Elin’s nursing tops almost always. The Hakaa was another game changer for me, I didn’t have it with Matteo but with Eliana, it doesn’t just catch milk, it has an amazing suction too. Lastly, and most important a support system, it really does take a village to raise a child. "

Any advice you can share with moms who are pregnant for the first time? "Enjoy the time with your partner, go on trips, keep active and check things off your to-do list. Breathe, and don’t overwhelm yourself. When it’s time, be open-minded, whether it’s natural, normal, CS - what’s best for you and the baby is what’s important.  - You’ve got this!"

Christina is wearing from top to bottom: S/S Holly dress in crimson, Camille top in peach, Eloise dress in beige, Maya top in teal, Basic 3/4 nursing top in fatigue stripes, Billie wrap in navy, Sam top in sky, Adora dress in blush, Audrey top in lavender, and Molly dress in midnight. Photography by Happy Folks Studio. Hair and Makeup by Wheng Legaspi.

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