Maternity Shoot - Pat

Dynamic and enterprising Pat Pastelero-Tañedo successfully juggles a number of roles - wife to Enzo, entrepreneur (she's the force behind Spruce Floral Designs and Flyweight Boxing Studio, while also being a partner at Elin), and new mom to sons Etienne (1 year old) and Davi (2 weeks old), among others. We were lucky enough to squeeze in a quick photo shoot with Happy Folks Studio a few days before she gave birth and just before she was about to embark on her newest adventure - being a mom to two kids under the age of 2. 

Pat in Amelia 1

How did you prepare Etienne for a new sibling? "We tried to create a lot of excitement about the coming of a brother. We would talk about his being an older brother - that he would be sharing his toys with his brother, teaching his brother how to wash his hands, showing his brother how to dance, and more. We would also play 'big brother' with his stuffed toys and he would pretend to put them to bed."

Pat in Amelia 3

"It seemed to have worked. He was thrilled to meet his new brother at the hospital  and wanted to carry him immediately. Now at home, the first person he wants to see and asks for when he wakes up is his little brother."


Pat in Liana

What did you differently during this pregnancy compared to your first? "I more or less knew what to expect and was no longer anxious about childbirth, nursing, parenting, etc. So unlike when I had Etienne and took a year off from work (more or less), with this pregnancy, I worked up until I gave birth and am still working from home now."

"I made a schedule for my household to ensure Etienne's routine wasn't disrupted and everyone has enough time to get some rest, eat, and attend to their responsibilities. I also prepared a menu and grocery list in advance, as well as pre-made and froze some meals."

"Also, since I already had all the things I needed from my first pregnancy, preparing wasn't all about buying an endless amount of baby items and putting a pretty nursery together but more of getting my household ready for the arrival of a new baby. "

What are your must-have items for newborns? "A really good nursing chair. Some moms prefer to nurse in bed but I find it easier in a comfortable chair.  I spend a lot of time on the chair and set it up as my nursing corner so everything I need is within reach - cellphone charger, water, extra lampin, alcohol, heating packs, books, Medela milk collection cups, my Haaka, milk storage bags, pump, etc. 

I also make sure I have a baby journal (to record feedings, sleeping, number of diapers, etc.), a Funnest Nursing pillow, Elin Milka Nursing Night Dress in all colors, plenty of muslin cloths and an iPad with daytime playlist and nighttime playlist."

What was the best piece of motherhood advice you received? "Take things in stride. You can’t expect that everything to happen as planned but if you’re flexible, it’s easier to manage when things go awry."

"Also, don't ever feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing. Just because all the moms you know are doing one thing doesn’t mean you have to do it too. Do what you feel is best for both you and your baby...don’t forget YOU! Not just your baby. Whether you decide to breastfeed exclusively, give your baby formula, home school your child, give your toddler chicken nuggets - the decision is yours to make and no one should ever make you feel guilty for doing so. "

What is the best thing about being a mom? "The joy. Their joy and my joy at seeing their smiles, the excitement of new experiences, and the pride in their accomplishments."

Pat is wearing (in order of the photos) the Amelia top, the Liana tee, the Camille top, the Willow dress, the Cate dress, and the Piper top. Hair and make up by Wheng Legaspi. Photos by Happy Folks Studio.

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