Photo Shoot - Aimee

Being a hands-on mom (without a yaya by choice) while working can be a challenge, but Aimee Padilla shows us that it can be done, even as a first-time mom. She teaches pre-natal, post-natal, and Vinyasa yoga while caring for, and breastfeeding, her adorable 1-year-old son Sancho full time. They both joined us for a photo shoot at newly-opened Spark Discovery Center preschool in Makati on a rainy June morning. We loved how she was so at ease taking care of Sancho by herself and also how great she looked in our clothes! Maybe it's time for all of us to start yoga? :)

What are your must-have items for the newborn days? "Nursing pillow, nursing bra and nursing pads. Clothes that have easy access for breastfeeding. And robes! Water and healthy snacks. My baby nursed every hour so it was all about breastfeeding!"

How did you stay active while pregnant and what did you do to lose the baby weight? "I did pre-natal yoga while pregnant. I used to eat a lot of carbs but I noticed I'd get hungry again shortly after. So I changed my diet to increase protein and veggies and lessened refined carbs. I also did post-natal yoga and incorporated some exercises that allowed me to use my baby as weights. I'm already holding him all the time anyway haha."

Any tips you would like to share with expectant moms? "Involve your husband in your preps cause you're a team. Make the most out of just being able to go out of the house on a whim. Watch movies, go on dates with your husband, go out with your girlfriends. Have some quiet time in a cafe. And exercise for easier birthing and recovery!"

What is the best piece of motherhood advice you've received? "Trust your instincts."

 What is the best thing about being a mom? "For me, the best thing about being a mom is experiencing love so immense that it can get you through different challenges. The perspective you gain from being a mother is really a gift."

Aimee is wearing (in order of the photos) Michelle top, Piper topBella topCecilia Maxi dress, Cecilia dress, Francine dress, Talia dress, and the Palma dress. Hair and make up by Wheng Legaspi. Photos by Happy Folks Studio. Shot on location at Spark Discovery Center in Makati City. 

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